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ZeezBeez | Raw Wildflower Honey

ZeezBeez | Raw Wildflower Honey

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Producer: Zeezbeez are a family owned and run business who started out as hobbyist bee keepers, but soon fell in love with their bees that they decided to make it their livelihood. They are based in Roleystone, WA with hives across the state.

Product Information: Collected from as far north as Eneabba and Dogara, Wildflower honey is the first honey of the season. All ZeezBeez honey is 100% pure and raw. There is minimal processing as honey from the hives are extracted using centrifugal force and are run through a sieve filter once then jarred to seal in the goodness.

Taste Profile: As expected, this honey is delightfully floral in taste. Due to the diversity of flora and locations, this honey varies greatly in taste and will deliver unique flavours season to season. This honey is suitable as a table honey and as a substitute for sugar in cooking.

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In A Nutshell

What is active honey?

Honey is active when it possesses antibacterial and/or antimicrobial properties. Best practice within the industry is for the activity levels to be tested and certified by independent laboratories. Some commonly known active honeys are Jarrah and Marri (which are both antibacterial and antimicrobial) and Manuka (antibacterial only).

How to intepret TA ratings ratings?

Total Activity (TA) is a measure of the level of activity of the natural enzymes in the honey. The higher the TA, the stronger the antibacterial and antimicrobial activity levels. In other words, the higher the rating, the better it is in fighting bacteria and other microbes.

How to compare TA rating with UMF and MGO ratings?

We've made a simple comparison table for you here. With this table, you may ascertain which honey is the best for you based on ratings and dollar value. For example, you may find a 250g jar of Manuka UMF 23 sets you back by $169, whereas a 250g jar of Jarrah TA 35+ (a higher activity rating) is available to you at $46.